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LBI History

We have been able to go through so many historical photos of the LBI and surrounding areas thanks to the NJ maritime museum. Thank you for preserving our history!.

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Greeted at the door by what?

Watusi are medium-sized animals, with long, large-diameter horns, they attract attention wherever they appear. These regal animals can easily trace their ancestry back more than 6,000 years and have often been referred to as “cattle of kings.”.

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Construction of the Old Causeway finished

A bittersweet moment as our contractor & friend, TJ drives off the job. This restaurant would not have been built as well and would definitely not have the character it does without him at our side every day over the past year. We are just a few days away from announcing the grand opening date. […]

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“the steel hand” comes to the Old Causeway

coming to the OC raw bar, “the steel hand,” master of the oyster knife, able to open an oyster with the perfection of a jedi master, and an artist in presentation. To open an oyster perfectly is an art. Our shucker has been training many years at Mud City, look for the hand……

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